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October 17, 2016


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I've saved a large percentage starting from my very first paycheck so yes on the first two. I worked pretty hard on managing my investments, but I would have hit the same returns by passive index investing, so my effort wasn't adding value. On #4 yes I aim for box D on winners, my average holding period is several years.

I take crazy investment risks on a portion of my capital, but in aggregate I'm pretty conservative. I do not seek out advice with respect to how I run my money, although I take the time to read certain long form articles about areas I'm thinking of investing in (and my BS detector stays on full alert).

No regrets about earning my doctorate and happy to help pay family members university costs. I live in an area that attracts vacationers, I have a low tolerance for discomfort so I don't spend on travel. I'm a big fan of thrift stores too, what's not to like about the lower costs, being green, supporting a worthy organization, and access to high-quality materials that aren't available new anymore?

Definitely not the planner type, I just set the direction and mindlessly stay the course. Like I've never made a budget or balanced my checkbook-- my expenses are low enough to leave an ample sur every month. Spending aversion has its rewards!


Have you ever done a millionaire interview with me? If not, would you like to?

Thank you, I've read your interview series and found it to be quite informative, and I believe everything I would have to say has already been well covered so I have nothing to add. I see a clear behavior pattern in these stories that shows a general path to reaching financial independence. It was a single case study in Money magazine nearly three decades ago that opened my eyes to this possibility just as my work life was starting, and hopefully the additional stories you've documented can inspire many more in today's generation to make life choices that bring contentment over the long term.

There are many paths to become a millionaire.

Those 12 habits are respectable, but they are for ordinary salary workers. If you were an entrepreneur following the 12 priorities, for example, you would miss out on your potential accomplishment. On the bigger scale, you are the one who hire those salary millionaire.

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