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February 14, 2014


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"other tourist hotspots..." very funny! Congrats on your new baby!

Nice post- I like your advice at the end. I have been overseas for 8 years and it has treated me very well.

#6 Millionaire.

I know this is about finance but I am curious about the family side of living overseas. It looks like your marriage aligns with your latest career move. Did you meet someone in your new location?

I have thought about taking an overseas assignment but it would require a fair amount of travel. I wouldn't do it now since it would leave my family often on their own in a foreign country. It sounds like this doesn't apply to you but I wonder that others that have done this think?

Bookmarked. I just love everything you wrote.
Fellow Oil and Gas person.

Luis: Of all the tourist hotspots I was in the best had to be the village of Tataouine in Tunisia, right before you enter the proper Sahara. Go there and you'll understand where George Lucas got part of his inspiration for Star Wars.

Erik: You are almost correct, my wife and I met when I was still at one job, then got married around when I moved to my current job. As for family life, there are sacrifices, I do travel a fair bit, however on the side my wife and I can be flexible and have a fair number of 'working vacations'. As for guys leaving their families in foreign countries, depending on the country you are going to there is usually a good expat community where many of the wives are in the same boat. Usually the more of a hardship location it is the closer knit group of expats there are. You could move over for a year or two, test the waters a bit. I've always had the mindset that I can 'always' go back to the US so may as well enjoy international life while I can.

Well done and congrats on your success. Good luck with the growing family.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Congrats on the success so far and the baby!

I like your advice to "Move Overseas".
We did exactly that back in 1956 as newlyweds, but the move was from England to Canada to a job that upped my salary threefold. Two years later we moved again to Denver then in 1960 we made our last & final move to Silicon Valley, California to a company that paid for me to get my MS and where we retired in 1992. When I watch the weather reports on TV these days I'm also happy that I came out West. Along the way we had 3 kids and a few grandchildren.

When you're young it's easy to make snap decisions, not knowing how they will pan out. LUCK can play a huge role in how your life plays out because there are so many things over which you have little or no control. However in hindsight I wouldn't change a thing.

Loved the article. My wife and I eventually want to find something overseas, probably in the next five years. I also work in the oil and gas industry, but in Alaska. I am a proposal manager and was wondering what job resources are best for overseas opportunities. I have seen quite a few, I am just not sure what ones are the most legit.

Michael: All the guys I know got their start by asking for a transfer overseas with their existing companies. I did not, I started overseas, but I seem to be the exception rather than the rule. Most Operators will recruit from anywhere, there is high demand in Australia and the Middle East and the major players there are actively looking in North America. We've advertised for openings on Rig Zone and a few other such sites and had ok success that way.

Erik: There can be a lot of travel and I am away from family a fair bit, however my wife and I do take a number of 'working vacations' and I find in the end it all balances out ok. Also, there are usually good expat communities and many of the spouses are in the same boat so its not like your family would have nobody around. In fact, its usually the hardship locations that have the best expat groups. You can always go give it a shot for a year or two and see what you think, the option to return to the US is always there.

My advice is get a Good PLANNER you Trust, develop a risk/allocation strategy for managing your wealth, tac planning and a future spending plan. Concentrate on your job, family 100%. You are so on track to be so independently wealthy at a young age, I know, went there myself! Keep charging!

So interesting to read about others- Millionarie 21, congratulations on your success personally and professionally! FMF, thank you for continuing this series!

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